About Us

The website staff of marifah.net comprises a group of Muslim students and professionals who have decided to dedicate their time and money to distributing the teachings of the scholars of Islam through the medium of the internet. Having recognised the shortage of material from classical and contemporary orthodox Sunni scholars on he internet, a need to make available such matter in English was apparent. The goal of our site is to address that very problem.

Various Muslims have, for the sake of their Lord alone, kindly taken the time and effort to provide us with translated material for our website and we ask Allah to reward them abundantly for their work. Whilst the marifah staff try their utmost to ensure the quality and accuracy of this material, as with every human endeavour we may make mistakes. We, therefore, encourage our visitors to constantly provide us with their feedback, advice and corrections.

Marifah.net is only responsible for the material published on the website, and not any personal views or statements of contributors found elsewhere. In addition, our administration recognises the scope of difference of opinion amongst scholars and therefore the entirety of the views expressed in the articles we host may not necessarily always reflect the views of all of the marifah.net staff.

Please remember us in your prayers.