What is Meant When We Say Allah is Above What He Created

Know that when we say that Allah, Mighty and Majestic, is above what He has created that does not mean that He is above in terms of a physical place, or that He has risen above physical places by a certain distance and He supervises these places by applying Himself to something from them. Rather, our saying that He is above them carries two senses:

‘With respect to true tawḥīd and that which opposes it with respect to shirk, and knowing such shirk and cautioning against it, there is no absolute mention of it in their books of creed, and I don’t know where they have (addressed the issue)?  Is it in the books of furū? It is not in such books! Or have they abandoned this cause altogether? The latter is that of which I am certain’.

 Ibn `Umar radīallāhu `anhu  related that the Prophet sallallāhu `alayhi wa-sallam said,  “I was given the keys to everything except five. Verily the knowledge of the last hour is with Allāh.
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